Writing Models – Year 6

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Written by Pie Corbett

Series: Writing Models

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4th May 2020

The new edition for Year 6 has been fully updated and restructured in line to deliver new units from the new framework and includes new writing models. Lesson planning has never been easier!

The revised Writing Models Year 6 contains:

  • A range of fiction genres such as traditional tale, fantasy, chatty style (new), horror (new) and character story and parody (new)
  • A variety of texts by a significant children’s authors to compare (new)
  • Poems depicting the power of imagery and Poems on a range of issues relevant to children (new)
  • Biography and autobiography; journalistic writing including broadcasting and radio models (new)
  • Formal writing including news report and consumer information (new);
  • Impersonal writing including pamphlet and guide book models (new)
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