A Safety First Bookshop

The Roving Bookshop mobile displays provide the ideal way of spacing books wherever is needed – providing safer distances than conventional retail. 


  • All regularly touched surfaces sanitised between bubbles
  • All books, stands and equipment sterilised before each event using ozone and/or 72 hour quarantine
  • Hand sanitiser stations for customer use
  • Encouraging children to only touch books they anticipate buying (with regret)


  • Creating ‘bubbles of books’ – grouping books by age together in islands
  • Separating each island to at least 2 metres apart
  • Limiting the Bookshop to one school bubble at a time
  • Scheduling the safe access of each bubble to the Bookshop


  • Adjusting the size of the Bookshop
  • Dedicated sections tailored to schools requirements
  • Adaptable to any location


  • Leaflets with prize draw tickets available to download if required
  • Posters provided in electronic form
  • Bookshop organiser’s pack available to download
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