Visible Learning In-Lesson Feedback

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4th May 2020

Everyone knows that feedback works, and yet not everyone does feedback well. It’s especially hard to give feedback during a class session.

This helpful guide will help teachers provide on-the-go feedback that:- Aligns to learning intentions and success criteria – Is delivered at just the right time- Matches a learner’s stage of learning (surface, deep, or transfer)On-Your-Feet Guides (OYFGs) provide you with the ultimate “cheat sheet” to implement effective change in your classroom while in the moment of teaching. Designed for accessibility, and providing step-by-step guidance, the OYFGs are written by experts who take research-based practices and make them doable for the busy teacher.

Each On-Your-Feet Guide is laminated, 8.5″x11″ tri-fold (6 pages), and 3-hole punched.

Use the On-Your-Feet Guides- When you know the “what” but need help with the “how”- As a quick reference to support a practice you learned in a PD workshop or book- To learn how to implement foundational practices- When you want to help your students learn a specific strategy, routine, or approach, but aren’t sure how to do it yourself

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