Christmas & New Year 2023 Promotion

The webshop has only a small number of our renowned selection of books.

For the full browsing experience,  The Roving Bookshop can provide a hands-on specialist bookshop of 3000+ titles inside your own venue.

A Real Bookshop in your school

Earn extra commission

Start the new year with lots of excitement and book chatter by hosting a Bookshop.

January events earn extra commission.

That’s more new books for the school library and more importantly puts new books in homes.

Based in Leicestershire, our reputation spread and we now take the Bookshop into schools all round the country – from Kent to Tyneside, Lancashire to Cornwall and everywhere in between – spreading the Reading For Pleasure message. now we can support your...

Author Performances

In-school Bookshop Experience

Conferences & Professional Development

Shopping Basket